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What Does an Atlas Orthogonal Doctor Do


The Atlas Orthogonist is a specialist in the field of chiropractic, with advanced training in the structure, function, and biomechanics of the upper cervical spine. The structural balance of the human body is maintained by the precise interaction of the muscles which, under control of the nervous system, permit the skeletal framework to move and flex in a relatively unrestricted manner. Much of that complicated system of nerves is housed and protected by the spinal vertebrae. Ironically, these same vertebrae are the underlying cause of pain, loss of mobility and sensation when they are moved, by a variety of causes, out of proper alignment. This condition is referred to as: SUBLUXATION.
Since the human body is called upon to function largely in an upright position, its spinal column must be able to support its ever-shifting weight as the body walks, runs, lifts, and bends.

The normal curve of the spine is admirably suited to the task of comfortably keeping the body center of gravity properly positioned over its supporting legs. When the spine is curved abnormally because the spinal vertebrae have slipped out of proper alignment, even by the smallest degree, profound consequences occur which may, if left untreated, affect the health of the entire body. This is especially true when misalignment occurs in the neck.

Even though the chiropractor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal conditions, his/her care of the affected area often results in dramatic improvements in the health of the other parts of the body, not generally thought of as being associated with the spine.
Regardless of the cause, when the critical alignment of the spinal column is disturbed, nature tries to immediately repair and heal the damage. The chiropractor’s specialized training uniquely equips the doctor to aid and speed up that healing process with advanced methods which, like nature’s own, are safe, effective and generally painless.


How Do Misalignments Occur


The causes of spinal misalignments are many and varied. Some are more obvious than others, such as those caused by accidental injury to the spine. Trauma of this nature demands immediate attention because of the pain and immobility which generally accompanies it. Other causes can be far less visible. They tend to happen slowly and since the onset of symptoms is equally slow, we tend to get used to the discomfort or even learn to ignore it until its affects becomes so painful or disabling that we are driven to find relief.

Poor posture, bad sleeping habits, or improper lifting and carrying of heavy loads are only a few of the many causes of spinal misalignment. The causes may vary but the results are substantially the same… gradual displacement of the cervical vertebrae and the resulting dysfunction of the back, and often times, the entire body.

It is here that the Doctor of Chiropractic applies his special training and skills; not simply relieving the painful symptoms, but searching out and removing the underlying causes of the problem. The process of bringing the spinal structure back to its normal condition often requires the retraining of those muscles and ligaments which have become weakened and stretched through long periods of misuse. This retraining process begins with the first adjustment, but generally requires a series of carefully planned treatments to fully achieve permanent correction.

One of the most common causes of spinal misalignment problems is poor sleeping posture. In this position, the cervical spine is placed in continual stress and causes shift of the vertebrae. The same shifting of the vertebrae can be caused by sleeping on ones back, with a pillow which is too high or too low for the body to rest in a normal position. To receive lasting benefit from chiropractic adjustments, it maybe necessary to adopt new, more natural sleeping habits, such as sleeping on the side or back using a pillow of the correct size and shape.
Since many of the nerves which travel through the vertebrae of the cervical spine serve all of the body’s organs, it is obvious how any disruption of these vital impulses, via subluxation, may result in serious illness, disability, and even early death.

The abnormal curvature of the spine resulting from a cervical misalignment or subluxation may lead to a serious condition known as scoliosis. It is obvious from a frontal of the spinal column that the body’s normal ability to stand and freely move upright is greatly impaired. This situation typically results in a serious loss of spinal motion and the ability of the spine to support weight properly. These changes may cause disk problems, headaches, loss of sensation in various parts of the body and a wide variety of the spinal and nervous system disorders commonly seen in chiropractic offices.

The healthy spine, when viewed from the back, is vertically straight and provides a strong, flexible support for the weight of the torso. When viewed from the side, the normal spine shows curves which help to distribute the bodies shifting weight most effectively. These natural curves help balance the bodies shifting center of gravity as it differs with certain body movement.
Here are a few informative videos and a few testimonials speaking on the effectiveness of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic


Here are a few informative videos and a few testimonials speaking on the effectiveness of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic.

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Atlas Orthogonal Featured on

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